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1. All the super heroes I’ve ever known, were black women.

2. Every year we celebrate Independence Day In a land where many of it’s people aren’t free to exist. God Bless the oppressed and empower them in the struggle.

3. A 16 year old young lady was killed in Atlanta. Her name was Rasheedah Evans. Rasheedah Evans was an honor roll student and Banneker High School. A young black lady with dreams and aspirations and because some idiot wanted to buss his gun to celebrate the 4th of July, she’s no longer here. Not only did you take someones child from them, you stole that child future. A promising one. We don’t need to be randomly shooting guns off to celebrate a holiday. Celebrate the 4th with your family at a BBQ get as drunk as you want and enjoy life. Let’s try not to ruin someone else’s family with reckless activity on the 4th of July.

4. Between Apple Music and Apple TV, Apple Inc. seems to be taking cornering the lifestyle market. I’m not mad at it. Not much a fan of their phones, however the effort being put into Apple Music and Apple TV definitely deserve commendable notice.

5. Twitter has seemed to make people less tolerant of different perspectives. Granted while I’m a harsh critic, I do feel like unless something is downright harmful, intentionally oppressive, abusive, a danger to kids and/or women, we all could do a better job of speaking through differences and finding a happy medium. This doesn’t include trolls or people who want to be jackasses because that’s their only way to get attention. Meaningful conversation that builds can be had by 2 quality people who may not fundamentally see things the same way. Lets work on that.

6. Jason Pierre-Paul, You’re an idiot.

7. Not all investments show immediate returns, sometimes you have to add a little patience.

8. I work hard because I don’t want my woman to have to work for someone else. I want my dreams to be able to finance hers and my future children dreams. No this doesn’t make me the perfect man because I’m far from perfect. However, I do get the “Why do you work so much?” I don’t want my wife or kids to be slaves. When I marry and reproduce, I want it to be right for them. I’m related to and I’ve dated some awesome, hard working black women. They put in so much time, so much effort, suffer from unfair pay and still have to deal with the unknown, far too often. It’s not something I wan’t to see in my future. This shouldn’t be the standard for all men, this is a standard I’ve set for myself. When you wonder why I do so much, It’s for her and them… I’ll lose friends and people I liked or cared for along the way.. But I’ve never lost anyone worth keeping.

9. I seen a disturbing image of a dude hopping in a woman’s car because the door was unlocked. Recording and aggressively making demands of her to embrace his intrusion. I hear he’s been properly addressed. I cannot confirm or deny. LOL. I want to remind you dudes of this. This incident hit home for me because this sucka nigga is from Philly and lives in North Philly, MY part of town. I also have 9 sisters, 7 of which still live in Philly. Granted no one bothers my sister or tries them in any form or fashion. However, one of you little weird ass suckas could one day try a woman related to me or even a guy like me. “My bad” or “I didn’t know” won’t cut it. I can’t control the world. I’m not even “in control of” Philadelphia. I can give healthy advice to those who truly know me, pass word to all the men you know. Save their lives, because shit like this is why dudes get killed. You don’t disrespect and startle a woman in that manner. She easily feared for her life. Whoever put the fear of God in him last night, as I’m hearing, you’re appreciated. I’m sure blessings are making their way to you right now.

10. Pussy, no matter the source, should never be your puppeteer.

11. If you have a podcast that specializes in a particular subject feel free to contact me. Also anyone who feels their podcast has quality content but need an extra push. Also looking for live dj’s and On-Air personalities. I will be launching SoPhi Radio before the year is out. Finalizing a deal to acquire a studio in Philadelphia. SoPhi Radio will be a online network of Podcast as well as live shows that include music and talk. All of the pieces are falling in place, now I’m looking for YOU, the talent. Email: Philly@SoPhiRadio.com

These are my Random Thoughts, May God continue to bless us.

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