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Chicken and Waffles at one point became all the rave. Trendy, in fact. I personally think the combination is overrated, yet delicious. It’s just one of those things. I can’t explain it. I frequent both establishments – Roscoe’s as well as Gladys & Ron’s when I’m in either Los Angeles or Atlanta, respectfully. I didn’t want to grade waffles because I felt that would be boring for both the reader and myself. Besides, both places are pretty good with waffles on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, I thought; “Why not judge similar dishes?” Things we would consider “Soul Food” and see which one, in my opinion, Takes the crown.

At Roscoe’s I ordered the following (as seen in image). The biscuit and gravy I had a taste for so added that.

At Gladys & Ron’s, I ordered the following (as seen in Image):

The service at both on this particular day was pretty swift. No complaints. The food came out prompt and hot. Which was greatly appreciated.

Let’s get to the food:
Macaroni and Cheese: Roscoe’s 6, Gladys 9
Collard Greens: Roscoe’s 8, Gladys 7
Corn Bread: Roscoe’s 7, Gladys 10
Fried Chicken: Roscoe’s 6, Gladys 9

Overall score: Roscoe’s: 27, Gladys & Ron’s: 35

Gladys and Ron’s Chicken was fried to basic perfection, flavor through and through. A perfect brine. I honestly might have robbed them of a point but there has to be a better piece of chicken fried somewhere. Has to be, Right?! Roscoe’s chicken was hot, slightly crispy but tasted a little old. Both batches of Collard greens were good but not amazing, I give Roscoe’s the slight edge in flavor. Roscoe’s provide you with a large, jailhouse slab of cornbread. It has complete disregard for portion control. I love cornbread, however, on this day it just wasn’t moist enough. Meanwhile at Gladys & Ron’s the corn muffins are always buttery, hot and moist. It really might be the unspoken star of their restaurant. Last and definitely not least The battle of the Macaroni and Cheese. The Mac and cheese God’s seen me walking into Gladys & Ron’s and decided to bless the kid. It was So fresh and delicious and cheesy. It was superb on this particular day. I should’ve asked for 2 portions of it, but alas, the greens are the insurance policy that ensures you don’t “lock up”… Over at Roscoe’s in Inglewood, the Mac and Cheese was serviceable. It wasn’t toe curling, no flair, rockets didn’t fire off, If it was a basketball player I would have gotten 10 pts, 5 Rebounds, 1 steal and 2 turnovers out of it that day.

Is this blog definitive of the day to day quality and service you may get from either establishment? No, it’s not. However, in a match-up of visits with comparable meals, the soul singer definitely had the most soul.


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