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Everyday there seems to be a black face on the television, gunned down by police. With a story about their demise to slowly leak out, in pieces. It’s become exhausting at this point. This is like an endless nightmare. One of those where you’re running away from something, yet you have no Idea why it’s after you and you seemingly can’t get away.

The only thing worse than the most dangerous type liar is a motherfucka who’s dying to listen. We all lie somewhere, to the IRS, to a stranger about our name, the police.. etc. However, there’s people who tell lies that could get someone killed, including themselves. It’s a crazy world we live in. Pay attention.

The first time you burn the bridge, I might rebuild it. If I truly care for you, the second time you burn the bridge, you’re stuck.

I’ve been mulling over the idea of attending the 20th anniversary of The Million Man March. Here’s my dilemma.. Farrakhan, like myself, sees a Leadership void in the current Black rights movement. To me, he’s making a play to be the controller or appear as the appointed leader, which is what so many bodies coming together in D.C. would signify. While I’m very interested in the fellowship of my people, I don’t like the guise under which, it is done. We put 1 Million bodies in D.C. before, what was done from it? Now we’re entering the “Do something now, Or Else?” Or Else what? My people deserve equal rights. They thirst for it as if it’s water. We’ve never truly had freedom. We went from slaves to less than and to this day we are treated as second class citizens. However, how many times do we go down the same paths with the same tour guides before we realize that we’re spinning our wheels? The moment in D.C. is greater than me, but the moment is too conniving for my people. When was the “Or Else..” When the tear gas was fired off? If I put 500 Muslims in the street of Philly after a situation like Ferguson, there would be no clash because Power respects Power. They would want to talk, to see how we can scale back the escalation. The old guard whom want to regain “power” for their specific agenda’s had enough power to at the very least, stand alongside their people. To mobilize an army to provide resources and or protect our people. Instead of pouring in money, you go for the money grab. Farrakhan, Jesse, Al.. all of you. I called Masjid’s and Mosques in and around Ferguson and St. Louis to provide safe havens for those who needed such if things went too far south. Where were you? Now you want to present yourself as some sort of political power because the time is ripe for you? We’re at a critical moment and I’m not for the bullshit from anyone’s movement or agenda, so I will question it all until things begin to look like they are in the best interest of our people. Or as you underwhelming representatives say, I can always do it myself…

I have a little homework for my avid readers and dedicated following. Research who is running for congress in your area. See what their plan and agenda is. See if it best serves your community. Even if you don’t know how to contact them, I will and demand an answer to your questions and concerns. You can email me or simply leave the candidates name in the comments section. Those who best serve your interest, that’s who we push. Erect a proper representation of us in the halls of congress. It’s long overdue. The slow process of progress has been slow enough. It’s time to pick people aggressive enough, who sees the urgency of black issues.

Right now there’s this slight competition between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, I say “slight” because Hillary is getting all the money and Bernie is the only other candidate who has put on his work boots to at least attempt to challenge her. With this comes problems. First and foremost, media members have integrated with and embedded themselves into Black Twitter. Media is hardly independent when it comes to elections, their endorsement matters. I watch quite a few of these figures passively push who they want, by knocking the other candidate down. While doing so, their following for the most part will read the tweet without research and say “Thank you for this information” and go along with the bullshit. What we have now, is a bunch of plants who use their influence to rearrange facts in regards to candidates. I have a ton on my plate which hasn’t allowed me much time to think about to much bullshit going on outside of myself, however; “Today, I got time!”

Hillary Clinton has done NOTHING for black people, our culture or any current movements. Shut that shit up. She’s big business who will throw us a bone to gnaw on. Don’t be surprised if she makes a calculated call to see if any Black Lives Matters members would like to speak at a rally or ask her a question in a town hall. BIG BUSINESS, THE SAME BIG BUSINESS THAT BACKS HILLARY, OWNS THE FOR-PROFIT PRISON SYSTEM!! Who does the mostly, for-profit prison system harm? Black People! Who’s most targeted by police, disproportionately? Black People! Who is jailed for longer terms disproportionately?! BLACK PEOPLE! See, normally when politicians find out that they receive funds from companies that are a part of immoral or despicable acts or crimes, they give the money back or donate it. Bill Clinton says “I made a mistake” around the same time his wife decides to run and yet you can see prison industrial complex dollars in their campaign! There is no thanking Hillary Clinton for anything! She is the enemy of African American Progress.

Bernie Sanders is not the polished politician that Hillary is, nor the awesome manipulator. He’s a politician which means there’s some things he do or feel that we wont agree with, however, his hands isn’t covered in black blood the way Hillary’s is. Should he be challenged? Absolutely, should he be treated as he is now? No. I blame it on lack of leadership. Black Twitter sprouted many movements and within them are some genuine people and then there’s the people who want credit and camera time. There’s ways to reach out to candidates in advance and say “Hey, how can we go about..”.. If they decline, be transparent, show the people and move on. The Tea Party didn’t snatch mics. They said “If you don’t listen, we will back who will. We will make your presidency a pain in the ass.” I’m no fan of the Tea Party but we see what hell they caused during Obama’s presidency. Bernie Sanders crowds are getting larger. He went from 12,000 outdoors, to 20,000 the next day. You’re not proving a point, you’re creating a victim. Leaders assess the best possible course of action and all options. There’s a much more cerebral way to go about this. One where you back candidates in corners they can’t come out of. One where you leave no excuse for their supporters. A shouting match or a tussle over a microphone is not how black lives will become valued in America.

I know I tested the limits of your A.D.D. today but.. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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