National Poetry Day Entry: “Phenomenal Man” by @LeonDaGreat

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As a poet myself, I could not let the day go by without spreading the word about National Poetry Day, and hoping to inspire some of the readers to either read up on some great artist, or put the pen to the pad and write a masterpiece of their own. I’ve been looking for a starting point to my time writing on this site, and feel that this is the best way to introduce myself. With some LIGHT work..

Here’s a poem I wrote a few years ago, inspired by the GREAT, Maya Angelou, who just passed away last year. Phenomenal Woman has always stuck with me as one of her Best works, and I decided to write my own version, called, Phenomenal Man. I still don’t consider it to be “finished” but here goes. Hope you all enjoy. Tell me about on twitter: @LeonDaGreat . Looking forward to sharing more poetry, articles and thoughts!


Phenomenal Man

by Leon R. Adside


Many sit and wonder, just what they see in me
I’m not making a scene, not dressed to a T.
I’m as cool as a fan, like shade from a Tree,
Yet I shine like a Gem, what could it be?
I say
It’s the brown of my skin, the pride in my walk,
The drive in my win, the suave of my talk,
It’s my heart of a lion, and my eyes of a hawk,
It’s the magic in my beans. It’s the size of my stalk.
I’m a man, phenomenally. Phenomenal Brother, that’s me.

They Say I’m a mystery, like what happens after death.
How I made it through the waters, just holding my breath.
Or can live with the richest now, not forgetting where I slept.
And how I kept my head held high, even the times I wept.
I say,
it’s the depths of my roots, the branches of my tree,
The thrones of those lost, and the fact that I’m free,
It’s the blood that was shed, and the more I will bleed,
It’s my future ahead, and the path that I’d lead,
I’m a man, phenomenally. Phenomenal Brother, that’s me.

I walk into a room, it’s like time cease to tick
Some guys would hurt their feet to get my shoes to fit.
The ladies see I’m real; I’m authentic to the stitch
But still they can’t explain just how I scratched the itch
I say
It’s the power in my voice, the strength in my stride,
The struggles of my past, and the hope in my eyes,
It’s the times that I fell and the more I will rise,
The passion I show and the pain that I hide.
I’m a man, phenomenally. Phenomenal Brother, that’s me.

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