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Prayers up For Lamar Odom.. God Bless you. Life is hard for many of us, journeys can take a toll and be unforgiving. No matter how this plays out, May you be a light for the rest of us to check on and TRULY care for our friends. A great spirit drowned in so much turmoil.

Sometimes we create a journey we envision others to be a part of. It doesn’t mean that they are meant to be, sometimes you have the right song but the wrong band-mates, the rights plays but the wrong team. Never be afraid to lose in order to gain. Friends respect what you’re trying to do. You may have great plans for your personal life, but you need the right wife or husband in order to execute those plans. Life is all about critical thinking, assessing, adjusting, executing and enjoying.

As many of you know, I took part in the A3C Festival in Atlanta this past weekend. I together the Cigars & Cognac stage with the assist of my homie @DJNoLove954. While I will admit, the process was demanding and draining, it was quite rewarding. For those of you who congratulate me for my success – It’s easy for me to take all the credit for the success of things, the same way I’d be the fall guy for failures. It comes with the territory. However, I want to say, I’m not a rapper, I can’t get on stage and perform. I’m just a guy with a vision. The great show YOU loved, was also brought to you by every artist, that hit that stage, that put their all into it and respected YOU the fan, enough not to half ass it. I’m more than honored to have been able to bring those guys to you all in 1 package but I’d be a liar if I said I thought it would be that great. Shoutout to Joe Budden, Tsu Surf, Trev Rich, Newz Huddle, Mike Zombie, Ghostwridah, Manolo Rose, Chill Moody, I know Brasco, Wise Vega, Apollo Ali, Famey, NayBahood, CNTNL Floyd, BoGuardz, The Dj’s of their sets, Kiki’s fine ass, and my brother DJ No Love. A vision ain’t shit without a group of people who can make it come to life. In which case, It would be just a thought.. There’s Zillions of thoughts daily that will never see the time of day. Mine did and for that, I’m grateful.

We were offered a stage at SXSW… I’m considering it. I am tired as fuck so I do want to take a few weeks without thinking about a music festival. If that’s ok with everybody.

I hope that those who attended The 20th Anniversary of The Million Man March went to network in order to build better grassroots organizations than we have now vs. listening to the old guard spew false hope and empty promises that weren’t delivered on in the last 20 years.

I was asked “As a Muslim, how can you be Ok with Gays?” My response is simple. As a believer in God, how can I assume the authority of God? At no point nor in any book does it says man is judge and juror of others PERSONAL life. At the same time I am not a gay man so how can I portray myself to be an expert in gay studies. How would I, a straight man, tell you what’s natural for a gay man? Is it I, that’s in the closet? Am I being of deceit? What do I know? I don’t. At best I can leave God his rights to judge. That’s it. Muslim means “believer” I am a believer in God more than all else, more than a book and social constructs. If you want to quote any book, you must also follow the part where it states that we have a creator and it is he who judges and condemns people. I’ve never been harassed or harmed by a gay man. His sexual orientation is none of my business. If he respects me, I respect him. I hope we’re clear on this.

It’s amazing to me how the Media props up Hillary Clinton no matter what. It’s not really amazing, it’s moreso pathetic. It’s such a pile of shit that our media is able to be purchased and will swing towards whatever candidate with the largest wallet. Hillary was the 3rd best candidate on the Debate stage Tuesday night and it was clear. The best debater, Hillary. The Best candidate, NOT Hillary.

Speaking of Politics… Leave it in. If you’re real, you know what I mean. Leave it in, afterwards do that lil tap & shake like u do the gas nozzle when u want every penny of what u paid for.. And then send her to make a sandwich. Put it like this, if you leave it in, do she really need the warm rag? Especially if you’re in California. Conserve water. Less warm rags, the better.

SoPhiWeekend is done. The new wave is #YacHouse as well as #TheCigarSocial. Both events will be revealed to you soon. Both of which are a step up. Should be fun and exciting.

Never box yourself in, when it comes to ideas and concepts. Give you vision room to breathe and evolve on it’s own. Things won’t always turn out how you planned it because maybe, just maybe, it’s bigger than even you could have imagined it.

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