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If you haven’t done so already, “hurry up and buy!” or put together a costume, find a party (or three!) and have a good time this weekend! It’s Halloween, and I don’t want to hear that you’re too old! Trust me when I say, it’s the one day out of the year where you are the lame for trying to be too cool. Or if you don’t want to dress up, just stay home, please.

It took until about 4yrs ago, to get into the adult, Halloween spirit. I was 28 years old and my coworker finally convinced me to attend their Annual Halloween Party. I remember feeling like a dickhead for not going to her previous parties, and hearing about all the wild shit I missed out on. I promised her a year in advance that I’d be at the next one, and to me you’re not real if you can’t keep a promise.

I settled on a OG Pimp Costume, something I still felt semi- “cool” in. When I tell you this costume changed my life, on the lowest of keys, I’m not joking. It made me realize how much I needed that type of outlet, in my life. That night, I had one of those crazy times that I’ve been missing since my college days. Before I got too grown up. Too responsible.


First, it took me at least 6 times of trying it on, and taking it off, before I decided that I could actually leave the house with that shit on. It’s funny because I go through this same shit every year. I’m naturally reserved, so dressing up and drawing attention to myself, and being a spectacle was never my style. I’m definitely more of the brains of any operation, more so than the face of an operation. I realized though, after college I had been taking myself and life as a whole too seriously, so it was dope to have a day when I can just goof off! As corny as the costume was, it made it all the more fun. I promise, we all need days like this!

I finally said, fuck it, grabbed my cane and bounced. When I took the first step out my door, I landed in a stroll! You couldn’t tell me shit! Pep in my step like I was looking for my hoes and money. I wish I had rocked some platform shoes with fish in ’em. All night, my lingo was different, my confidence was through the roof, and I honestly had the most, actual, “fun” I had in quite some time. I was turned out, from then on. So yes, being pimp changed my life! lol

Speaking of, I went this entire post without even having to mention how much the ladies show up and show out on this day! The Nurses, Mrs. Officers, Catwomen, Cleopatras come out in full force, and I love you all! Especially the ones who really let it all out for the day, and then go back to being the respectable ladies you strive to be all year long. lol I’m pretty sure, you are the real reason I can’t wait dress up each year. F’ all of that outlet from responsibility shit I mentioned earlier..lol I learned a while ago “no costume = no love.”

Check out some of my other costume ideas, especially my all time favorite at the very  bottom, and don’t skip the disclaimer:


#geeksquad ! This was a DIY Project that could have turned out better, but I had still had a good time.


“Sooo, a Pimp, a Gynecologist, and a Priest walk into a bar….pimped her, checked her, and blessed her..” One of the best years, because I finally convinced two of my sons (like I’m trying to convince y’all!) to throw some shit on, and hit the coworker’s party up with me. We ended up going to two other spots that night, and they got turned out too!

My all time favorite costume thus far, was last year. I recommend this one to any sports fan, and especially any fan who lives in a city that’s not their own! I’m from West Philly, staying in nut ass Pittsburgh. Eagles fan, in a Steelers town. But being in another city makes this costume 10X’s better. I basically went as my future son, rocking a Eagles onesie, copped a Eagles bottle, pacifier and bib set, filled the bottle with Incredible Hulk and hit their streets, looking for milk like:


Leon Jr.

(DISCLAIMER: If you are an out-of-towner living in Philly, I do NOT recommend you try disrespect our streets like this! lol)

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