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1. Oliva Serie V Melanio
This Cigar is the best thing to happen to me as far as hobbies and Cigars go, in 2015. I’m not a big fan of Nicaraguan filler, but this baby here?! My goodness. The outside leaf is from Ecuador. In look, it’s a perfectly wrapped, seamless, work of art. To me it has notes that range from coffee and cream to cocoa or and fresh baked bread. If you want to start someone’s cigar collection or just have a good smoke after your holiday fun, this is what you want to get. My absolute favorite cigar.

2. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2
This Cuban cigar is probably one of the best Cuban cigars I’ve been able to get my hands on (I emphasize hands on because coming across a wide variety of Cubans have been difficult.) The rich, velvety smooth smoke is very comparable to the aforementioned Serie V and it has hints of Caramel, Coffee, sometimes a cedar note here and there. As with most cigars I’ve tend to come across it has peppery notes, as well. Some cigars that are full bodied and full flavored as this one, come across super strong and can hit you hard. This one, not so much. It gives you all you need and lives up to the Cuban Cigar “hype” if you’re new/a novice.

3. Partagas Serie D No. 4
As far as my style of Cigars go, this one isn’t the one, I’d smoke once a weekend or immediately reach for. This Cuban cigar packs a spicy and strong punch as soon as you light it. The back end of the cigar is smooth, but this is definitely for the aficionado who likes a high quality, strong cigar. It gave off notes of cinnamon and wood. I would definitely advise one to try this cigar on a full stomach or if you’re snacking the back end of the cigar would complement hummus and chips, well. Great for the collection and celebratory moments. The best of the strong cigars I’ve tried. The construction of this cigar is flawless and it draws fairly easy. Top tier.

4. Cohiba Esplendidos
This might be the most expensive cigar I’ve ever smoked, as well as the most exquisite. I like my cigars once in a while, I can go weeks without smoking one. I do assume it keeps the palate fresh and with that being said, this cigar is one luxurious journey. It’s rolled in a Colorado Medio leaf (for my fellow novices that means “A damn good leaf” to you.) It’s also pretty much vein-less in appearance. This cigar is spicy but mildly spicy and it definitely carries notes of cocoa and cream to the palate. It can give off a floral scent at times and smooth all the way through. This is definitely a celebratory stick of tobacco. One of which, every man should have in the collection. Seeing as though it’s the holiday season, this is an exceptional gift for that cigar lover in your family.

5. Java by Drew Estate
Java is an actual collaboration between Rocky Patel and Drew estate for Coffee infused cigars. This cigar will have people asking “What is that, you’re smoking?!” thanks to the lovely coffee and cocoa flavor as well as scent this cigar gives off. As the smoke hits the air, it gives off a mocha and or vanilla scent. When it hits your tongue and palate it will give you a sweet chocolate taste. The cigar is constructed in more of a square-ish format and while not as elite as its predecessors on this list, this is a pretty solid Cigar. This cigar is a perfect weekender and one that can be enjoyed by the novice looking for a good cigar with pleasant flavor to your critical aficionado. Great cigar.

Bonus: Great Cigar Lounges and Shops
The Cuban Seed – West Hollywood, California
R & R Cigars – Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Joe R Cigars – Long Beach, California
Little Havana Cigar Factory – Miami, Florida

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