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“Winners respect Winners” is often misused. Mostly by losers. People gauge winning on fame or fortune, when it’s neither. Just because people have something you don’t, doesn’t mean that they’re winning. When in fact, they could lack or be absent of the very things you do have, like: family, love, value, integrity. Every cleared check isn’t without integrity or dignity being sold. Many of these “winners” sold their soul to be where they are. Don’t be a loser. Keep winning the way that you do, just try to figure out how to pile on the wins instead of gauging your success on things you don’t have.

Over the past year I’ve learned my resistance towards explaining myself tended to have people I loved most, drawing their own conclusions, because they didn’t have anything to go off of. I’ve come to realize I’m a businessman who still moves like a “Trap” dude at times. Which creates confusion for many people I deal with. There’s always a method to my madness and people tend to see it, over a period of time. The problem is, many fall by the wayside en route to. I will still be the “I said what I said the first time”, guy I have always been. Maybe I’ll just say it a second or third time, more often (Only for those I care about). Lol

Everyone you start with, won’t be the same people you finish with. It’s not a good nor bad thing, it’s an evolution, thing. As time passes and people grow. Everyone has their own goals, sometimes those goals don’t align with the team or with the team chemistry. The goal is to fine tune your machine until it runs how you want it to run.

Bernie Sanders, 2016.

Can “Black Lives Matter” with a vote for A Clinton? The 3 strikes family? The Prison Industrial Complex Monarchs? Do a “Oops, my bad.” From Bill Clinton, repair the millions of families lives he ruined by further criminalizing black skin? What are we doing here? Buying into the media hype and writing Bernie off because there’s no way he’d be the nominee? Says who? Bernie and any other democrat would have the black vote if they were the nominee. While Donald Trump is a foolish choice in the GOP, republican voters have it right. Anti-establishment. While the Tea party is a thorn in most of our asses, they had it right. Create your own lobby. People often ask why do I entertain myself looking into the Republican Party. Well because, only a fool would game plan against someone who oppose them without studying them and in doing that, you come back with great ideas that you can make better. The “youth” are moving with Bernie.. I personally feel, we should too.

Christmas is a season where we splurge on loved ones. If you can find it in your heart, consider a hat, scarf, gloves, blanket or even warm meal for our homeless. Many of the homeless are vets and youth.

Loving someone is easy, make sure you do everything you can to show them that you do.

I know that when it’s my time to expire from this earth, people will remember many things about me. I hope its less of my youth and the bullshit people tend to over-glorify, but moreso the things I’ve genuinely have done, in silence.

Add red stripe beer to your Jerk Chicken marinade. Shoutout to Mama No Love!

Thank you all for the prayers for Mama Philly, she has a very treatable spot on her liver from what I told. She prefers not to be cut on anymore, so she decided on getting chemo to treat it. We both, thank you all very much.

On a lighter note..

If you’re a webcam girl and your videos can be found on XVideos or any other sex site, you shouldn’t be surprised that the public, including group chats or Twitter will see it. Embrace who you are.

Fellas, abstain from sex for a week or two, only up until her ovulation date. At that time, drop your gifts into her chimney.

These are my random thoughts at the moment…

Happy Holidays,
Enjoy your family and friends. I wish everyone a Happy New Year..

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