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Philly is just different. We commonly know it as the City of Brotherly Love but all too often that love is of the tough variety. And if you know anyone from there, then you know that what you see is usually what you get. The same applies for the hip hop that comes from there. Outside of The Roots, Philly is known for an in-your-face stance backed up by any means necessary.

When you press play on Authentik, the newest release from North Philly’s I Know Brasco, that’s exactly what you get. The real. The grit & the grind. You know as soon as you hear him talk that talk on “New Beans” that he’s gonna be a problem. Lines like “Got to the edge of the cliff – I took a leap on faith” help you visualize just how deep Brasco is willing to go. His flow is both young bravado & old sage, capable of hard hitting one liners or heartfelt emotion. “Yesterday Tomorrow” finds him reminiscing on a former love and proves that even hard rocks get in their bag every once in a while.

Topics range from loyalty, motivation, & the usual inner city politics to misguided policing (on the Tone Trump assisted “5-0”). Brasco is equally comfortable through it all. Sonically, he sounds at his best when the beats match the harsh reality of which he speaks. Thankfully, that vibe is rarely absent here.

Brasco invokes wise words before the phenomenal closer “New King” – for a man to conduct the orchestra, he must first turn his back to the crowd. It’s clear on Authentik that this isn’t just another rock thrown at the throne. This sounds like the first notes of a royal symphony.

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